Concierge Level Personal Service

Not a term you normally hear in our industry but we believe in the
concept and when you're miles from home and need support, it's
what you want



More Security, Less Hassle

We’ve spent over 20 years developing processes to deal with
the complexities of the industry so you don’t have to


Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of
Fitness for Duty testing?

Do you need help navigating drug and alcohol regulations and requirements?

Do you need the ability to schedule testing, anytime and anywhere?

Are you frustrated by dedicating expenses to areas that aren’t your core business?


Occupational medicine regulations are constantly evolving. Staying in compliance with the requirements demanded by industry and Federal Drug and Alcohol regulations is confusing. Meeting the demands of donors, clinics, labs and reporting is burdensome. Many companies find that maintaining an in-house staff to maintain compliance is expensive when compared to the turn-key services of Corporate Medical Services (CMS). CMS provides a suite of both standardized and customized services designed to solve this problem for companies large and small in all types of industries.