“A deal is not where one person takes advantage over another for profit. A deal is where both people feel as if they received a fair value and are looking forward to repeating the same deal tomorrow and the next day.” – Larry Burgess

Visitors are not uncommon on the CMS campus. Recently, we have had two great visits!
On Tuesday (3/7/2017), Russ Smith (Memphis, TN), Lori Reinhardt (Jacksonville, FL), Charlie Sullivan (Collegeville, PA) and Dave Eades (Franklin, TN) of

Quest Diagnostics met with us. A wide range of topics were discussed, including:

1. Quest potentially adding Breath Alcohol Testing in the Quest Patient Service Centers
2. CMS’s WebPortal for scheduling and viewing services, with links to Quest’s sites
3. Electronic Chain of Custody Forms and electronic data exchange for the collection process

I have often told the story of working with my Dad as a very young boy. My focus was to anticipate which tool he needed and be prepared to give it to him. We believe that CMS has done our very best to provide similar services to our clients. Our visitors from Quest show a level of attention in assisting CMS to that end. Good work comes out of good meetings. Our thanks go out to Russ, Lori, Charlie and Davie for the visit.

On Thursday (3/9/2017), Guy Young spent a couple of hours discussing his vision for his new position as President of the Kentucky Trucking Association. We first met Guy about a year ago when he was with the Georgia Motor Trucking Association. We were in Marietta, with Ed Cromwell and Guy, planning a presentation for them at one of their Safety Council Meetings.

It didn’t take us long to recognize Guy was the person to pull together trucking companies, vendors and government, to enhance KTA. We are planning on seeing Guy and a lot of his new friends at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, March 23 – 25. Hopefully we will see you there too!