The T.I.D.A. [Trucking Industry Defense Association] Conference was unique. It is ‘the other half’. What does that mean? The ‘first half’ is CMS – we assist our clients in hiring, qualifying, and keeping the best drivers. We base this on negative drug screens, a CMS-Reviewed DOT Physical, and Essential Functions Testing for the driver. To that extent, for the past 15+ years of reviewed physicals, CMS has assisted our clients in identifying medical issues, which provide valuable information before placing a physically problematic driver in a truck.

T.I.D.A is ‘the other half’. It is an association of company risk managers and lawyers, prepared to defend the trucking company after an accident. Their work begins on the scene of the accident and ends with the final gavel in the courtroom. Their job is to see that no stone is left unturned in defending the trucking company.

The discussion group was given a theoretical scenario of a driver who was involved in a fatality accident {for more details, join T.I.D.A. and attend their next seminar}. Grady (CMS President), discussed the medicines and particular issues that should have been discovered in a complete DOT Physical exam. Further, if the company had Essential Function Screening (ADA) in place, they would have discovered the driver’s other physical issues.

If you are a trucking company, accidents are essentially considered as part of doing business. In this discussion scenario, the accident most likely would not have occurred, had a good physical and essential function screen been performed.

Compare the cost of knowing that your driver had a good physical & Essential Function Screening.

COST: Fatality Accident
COST: Drug Screen + DOT Physical + Essential Function Screen + CMS Medical Review
SAVINGS: One Life and a lot of money

Thanks to Mehdi Arradizadeh of Anderson Trucking Services and Tom McLaughlin of Transport America for inviting us to participate.