QUESTION:  What do you call 50 lawyers in a room with 50 trucking claims analysts, and two CMS guys?

ANSWER:  The 2017 TIDA Advanced Seminar

TIDA [Trucking Industry Defense Association] is a twenty-four year old nonprofit association devoted to sharing knowledge and resources for defense of the trucking industry. The association is committed to reducing the cost of claims and lawsuits against the trucking industry.

Imagine waking up to see your company on national news following a major accident. What do you do? You expect the unexpected.

CMS will be presenting and discussing this topic at the 2017 Advanced Seminar:

Expect the Unexpected
When: February 2 – 3, 2017
Where: Renaissance Orlando Hotel
5445 Forbes Place
Orlando, Florida  32812

The presentation’s format is that of a Broadway play broken into three acts:

ACT 1:              Immediate Aftermath:  Media Madness

ACT 2:              Investigation

Scene 1:           The New Frontier

   **     Scene 2:          Medical Mysteries

ACT 3:              Jail Time and Separation Anxiety

Epilogue:         The Public Apology

There will be a panel of experts, representing different segments of the total picture surrounding a major accident.  CMS will be part of this panel, and will discuss the medical aspects of the case.  Our role is to assist in the review of the driver’s medical condition and his ability to have been driving the truck at the time of the incident.

CMS brings a much wider perspective than that of a single company, and we are uniquely qualified in drug testing management due to our 22 years of experience. Additionally, CMS currently serves more than 3,000 companies, and our history includes over $50 million in occupational testing, including 2 million drug screens, and review of more than 100,000 physicals.

We look forward to posting more information about the discussion as it develops.