What is a consortium and why do people need it?

Drug and Alcohol Testing are one of the many regulations motor carriers must follow.  Every driver must have a Pre-Employment Drug Screen.  Post-accident testing must follow very specific criteria.  Random drug and alcohol testing must also be performed according to the regulations.

As of 2016, regulations require that 25% of drivers be tested for drugs, and 10% for alcohol, randomly throughout the year.

For owner-operators, or companies with 10 drivers or less, this is not realistic.  The DOT considers them too small to make a reasonable selection.  This is where consortiums are used, in order to combine all these small companies into one large pool to select the required testing.

The CMS solution to this problem is DotStop, and here is why people choose this option:

  1. Lowered Cost. Most consortiums charge companies an annual fee AND charge every time they take a drug test. This means a consortium may select A LOT more than the required testing because they make money on EVERY TEST
    DotStop charges an annual fee, but only requires the company to pay for the collection or BAT when they test.  This means DotStop is encouraged to select the minimum required testing, which saves the company money.
  2. Included Services. With every DotStop membership, the company has access to free supervisor training, a sample drug and alcohol policy, and other training materials required or recommended by FMCSA. These products cost hundreds of dollars when purchased outside of DotStop.
  3. Assistance with Collections. When a driver is selected, we will find a location for testing over the phone at no additional cost.
  4. 24/7 Post Accident Coordination. We hope it never happens, but if you have an accident anywhere in the country, one call to our toll-free number will get coordination and tracking of a test where you need it.
  5. We are friendly! Call us today to learn more about our consortium services, and find out for yourself why companies have been choosing CMS for over 20 years.