24/7 Scheduling

24/7 Scheduling Assistance (Special Services)

No matter where or when you need a test, CMS can schedule it for you. Boasting a 98% success rate, the Special Services program is one of the best in the nation. While most clients use this service for post-accident testing, many have found it to be a valuable tool for pre-employment testing or for random testing in difficult areas. CMS charges a fixed handling fee for this service, and it is available to any client upon request.

When would “Special Services” be beneficial?


24/7/365 Assistance for Drug Screen and/or Alcohol Screen

‘Randoms on the Road’

Reduce driver ‘down time’ to minutes rather than hours for random drug and/or alcohol screening by allowing the driver to be tested at your convenience rather than making a side trip to an established site.

An Established Site is Unavailable

A physical expires while the driver is on the road.

PRE-Employment… Do The Math!

Save money spent on new hires (housing, orientation, etc.) who may fail screenings by allowing CMS to schedule drug screens and physicals prior to the applicant traveling to orientation.