Consortium Services

Regardless of size, CMS provides an independent source for management of your consortium needs. This includes random selections, and tracking and reporting of services in order to ensure compliance.


For companies with 20 or less drivers that choose to be in a consortium, there is CMS dotstop.

Unlike other consortiums that charge by the service, dotstop charges a single annual fee, regardless of how many times you are selected. The only other fees you are responsible for are clinic fees. dotstop also includes free sample drug and alcohol policies and free supervisor training.

If you plan to grow, CMS will grow with you by transitioning your company to a more traditional program.

Existing Consortium Management Services

Large organizations need solid management. Consortiums serving the trucking industry are no exception.

CMS provides management services for several national consortiums. From random selection to tracking and interpretation of results, CMS provides turnkey services to ensure compliance with governmental and industry regulations.

Oral Fluids / Hair / Alternate Specimen Testing

CMS provides MRO Services for more than just urine testing. There are also advantages to oral fluids and hair screening.

✓ Urine and oral fluids give you a snapshot of the last few days.

✓ Hair screening gives you panoramic view of the last 10 – 90 days.

Just like urine testing, negative results are reported in less than 7 minutes from the time the lab data transmission is received, while positive results are processed as quickly as regulations will allow.