DOT Physical Reviews

DOT Physicals are Complicated

The new DOT Medical Examination Report Form has nearly 200 fields and questions to be filled out by the driver or CME (reference MCSA-5876 Rev 12-06-15 and 5875). This leaves a lot of room for error.

Why are DOT physical reviews important?

Yes, doctors do make mistakes

Even though the new DOT Form requires only Certified Medical Examiners provide physicals, omissions or mistakes are still between 5-7% of the physicals that CMS reviews.

Mistakes cost you in several ways

If the DMV rejects a physical due to an administrative or typographical error, you may not know until the driver is pulled over and found to have a suspended license, costing MVR points. If a driver who has health issues receives a good physical, it may cost you later in worker’s comp or a lawsuit. However, the worst case scenario is the liability of putting an unqualified driver on the road. CMS works with your staff to avoid that problem by finding and resolving any issues before they arise.