Service Tracking

Coordination of Services – Scheduling and Tracking

CMS Scheduling and Tracking is an optional service to help reduce your administrative costs. Whether you need a post-accident screening, a DOT or employee physical, random testing, or even pre-employment testing outside of normal hiring, we will coordinate and track documentation for the services you need.

Do you need to know the status for your scheduled services?

CMS provides online tools to schedule and monitor the completion status of your services

CMS provides flexibility – schedule at one of your established sites or let us locate a site for you!

CMS can also email status reports 3 times a day to keep you informed on testing statuses

The CMS Online Client WebPortal can be used to schedule services at your established collection sites or to request a Special Service at a specified address. The WebPortal allows you to schedule employee clinical services weeks ahead of time or as little as 30 minutes before the employee’s arrival at the clinic. CMS will handle the rest, ensuring you and your staff can rest easy and concentrate on your business.