Sleep Apnea

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Why You Need A Sleep Apnea Program

Do you need a turnkey sleep apnea program to get your staff back to work quickly?

CMS offers Sleep Express, a streamlined and cost effective sleep apnea program to get your drivers evaluated and back on the road in less than a week. Sleep Express is the fastest, most cost-efficient program available to become compliant with sleep apnea.

A Typical Scenario:

Your driver is given a DOT Physical Certificate for only 90 days because the Certified Medical Examiner suspects Sleep Apnea. Typically, scheduling your driver to be tested in a sleep lab can take several weeks. The night spent in the sleep lab costs $2,000 or more. Generally, it takes at least a week to schedule a follow-up visit with the Sleep Specialist. If sleep apnea is confirmed and therapy is prescribed, equipment is ordered and is typically expensive, costing around $1,000. Ensuring long-term compliance is not simple because the CPAP memory cards must be read by your Sleep Specialist during ‘regularly scheduled appointments’.

The CMS way:

CMS reduces the hassle of the above scenario by solving three problems.

Make compliance easier.
New technology home testing units can be shipped anywhere from CMS, with turnaround time of a few days. Our sleep specialist evaluates the results and either writes a clearance letter or prescribes therapy. If therapy is needed, a new APAP is sent that day. From start to finish, the whole process is done in under a week!
Find the right equipment.
New APAP units are incredible, and make finding a place to “read a CPAP memory card” a thing of the past. CMS APAPs have a built-in cell modem that updates to the cloud daily. Regardless of physical location, drivers can be monitored for compliance and compliance reports can be sent upon request. Ensuring compliance has never been easier!
Reduce the total cost.
CMS can reduce your total compliance costs to less than $1,000, which includes an APAP. If you plan to test more than 2 drivers a month, talk to us about leasing your own testing unit to save even more.