Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

Corporate Medical Services has over 20 years of experience navigating and DOT regulations. Whether your company has one truck or several thousand, CMS has clients your size and can adapt to suit your needs. Rather than making our clients buy a one-size fits all package, CMS has multiple options that allow you to pick the level of service right for you.

The basic CMS package includes top shelf Third Party Administration (TPA), and we offer additional services designed to increase your security while removing hassle from your daily work.

  • Fastest Drug Screen Reporting – Negative drug screens average 7 minute reporting time
  • 24/7 Testing Coordination – Drug, alcohol, or DOT Physicals are coordinated anytime, anywhere in the country
  • Service Tracking – Scheduled services are tracked, managed and communicated every step of the way
  • Random Selections – Easy and accurate random selections are provided as a free service to our clients (valued at over $ 100 per month)
  • DOT Physical Review – DOT forms are thoroughly completed by our experienced staff, minimizing risk of omissions or mistakes
  • Simplified Invoices – One consolidated invoice is sent monthly, with customized invoicing options available using our TPA Service

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Industries

FTA programs differ from most other Transportation Administrations as turnover is not as large as an FMCSA regulated trucking firm, and the hours of service are relatively stable.

One challenge of an FTA regulated company is executing a cost efficient random selection program, while also partnering with a Medical Review Officer (MRO) who goes beyond basic test reviewing.

For the same price for a standard clinic MRO, CMS also includes these services:

  • A turn-key random selection program
  • Fast result reporting (7 minute average for negative drug screens)
  • Online tracking and reporting
  • Statistical reports on request
  • Assistance during DOT audits

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
(PHMSA) Industries

Corporate Medical Service’s clients in the pipeline industry face several unique challenges, which CMS is optimized to solve.

  • Challenge – Employee locations vary and many are remote
    Solution – CMS will locate collection sites to suit your needs, or send a mobile collector to you
  • Challenge – Maintaining compliant drug screening documentation
    Solution – CMS provides industry-leading drug test reporting, and manages all statistical data
  • Challenge – Managing numerous clinic and lab invoices
    Solution – CMS manages and consolidates all clinic and lab invoices into one monthly invoice

The best part? All of these services are included for the same fee as a standard clinic MRO.